SNAP! It’s a General Election!

Have a seat at the table or risk being on the menu

Are you mad about something? (Good you should be.) But what are you going to do about it?

Tweet. Blog. Vlog. Tweet some more?

How about making your mark at the ballot box?

This election may be a surprise for us all but what if we surprised them?

Register to vote by May 22 and Vote on June 8

Register to vote

This Election is an opportunity

Election - Referendum - Election? Again? Yes we're back on this long road that we walked just two years ago but what if we started looking at this election as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience? We have a chance to make a major statement whichever way the country votes. If every eligible young citizen stepped up to the ballot box in record numbers we send a clear signal to whoever wins that we won't be sidelined.

Stand for something this time round by making your voice heard in three steps.

The deadline is May 22nd and the only way you can exercise your voting ability is by getting your name on the electoral register.

Deciding who to give your vote to is a big decision and we will be there to give you tips along the way.

You've registered, you've done your research and here is where you make it count by actually turning up and taking power on polling day.

Still unsure?

There's a Problem

At the last general election only 43% of young citizens aged 18-24 voted compared to 78% of over 65-year-olds. Decisions are being made about us but without us.


We have the potential to be the most powerful section of the voting public. Young citizens could literally determine the result of any election or referendum if we all voted.

Credit Rating

Being registered to vote automatically improves your credit rating, increasing your chances of being able to get a phone contract, a business loan or even a mortgage if we ever manage to get on the property ladder.

Fairer Legal System

People are selected for jury service through the electoral register. If more young people from different backgrounds joined the register, there would be more age-balanced and diverse juries.

Get Involved

Want to be a Changemaker?

With just over a week to go until #TurnUp’s Week of Action (15 - 22 May), the link below will direct you to our resources where you can find all the bits you need.

Whether you want to play our interactive learning game, The Basics, run a registration rally at your school or organise a debate between your local candidates, the task is simple: do everything you can to get your community registered before the deadline on May 22 and voting on June 8.

I want to:
Register people in my communitySupport online

Click here to download the TurnUp guide and resource pack

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